I Can Breathe!!!!

Nothing like a summer cold.

I started to feel something awful after visiting relatives last Friday afternoon. Saturday, I was pretty much out of commission. Sunday, I started to feel better — nevermind I sounded awful during RockTrax (early in the show, one caller said “Good luck” with regard to dealing with my hoarse voice). Monday, a slight step backward.

Now, the cold’s pretty much over. However, if this were a hurricane, I’d still be dealing with its remnants. Still some congestion and coughing — but not quite as prominent as before.

Remember all the glasses we raised to Darlene (my brother’s truck)? There’s a chance all that may have been premature. Geof notes all hope hasn’t been lost at…

Three cheers for Wall Street. A near 500-point gain. I don’t have any money in the stock market — but if I knew in advance three former execs at Adelphia would be arrested, I’d plunk down a few bucks. Now, get a load of this, AOL Time Warner says they’re the target of a federal fact finding inquiry into its bookkeeping practices.

All I can say for now is “Hmmmmm” — while wishing for a similar fate to Clear Chuckle.

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