Well, Wonder About Gena No More (and other weekend musings)

Gena’s hit the road again.

Tried to call her Friday — only to be greeted with the rather upset voice stating, “She doesn’t live here anymore.” To say the least, I’m not surprised to hear this.

Gena, wherever you may be, may you and your kids be safe and sound. If you happen to be reading this, catch me up on what’s new with you at doug@dougmorris.org.

I got to see Star Wars 2: Attack Of The Clones Saturday. The movie was a little too long and a bit confusing for my taste. But, then again, Geof‘s the big SW fan among us. Still, it provides great insight into Anakin Skywalker’s life — before he donned a black cape and mask and crossed over to the dark side.

Stuff to look forward to this week: perhaps a Wednesday night outing as the quest for the red moves on — and Anthony Stutts’ birthday party Saturday at his place. Anthony’s a friend from church who plays in a band with Charles Herrington, one of my co-workers in TV land.

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