It Never Fails

Whenever a new lady friend (potentially) enters my social life, here comes someone to wreak havoc.

The new lady’s identity I’ll keep a secret for the moment. But, the person who’s spoiling my fun I’ll go ahead and call out.

As I make plans to meet this new lady, here comes some dingbat named Jen to stir the pot. She’ll just call to say hello and try to meet me somewhere.

Well… lemme tell ya… there’ve been times Jen’s called and I had no other lady’s number in my little black book. So, I’m like, eh, why not; nothing else to do. Untrue to her word, after we make plans, she stands me up.

She called me yesterday — only to get the answering machine (blessings to the inventor of caller ID). I don’t know what kind of game Jen’s playing — but I’ll make sure she loses.

Jen and I dated years ago — only once. Hardly a relationship and I’m wondering why she still calls. You’d think she’d get some kind of hint by now.

Speaking of “get some kind of hint”, she called my radio show Sunday and told me she’s getting out of a marriage — that was only a few weeks old. Jen’s been married before and you’d think she’d taken some lessons out of that first marriage. Regardless of who was at fault in that first marriage or this second one, it takes two to tango — and two to split up. Then again, I guess Jen lives by the idea of “if at first you don’t succeed, fail again.”

For those wondering what happened to Gena, I’ve tried calling her a couple of times. She wasn’t at home. So, I can only assume her custody battle with her ex-husband over the kids rages on. I e-mailed her yesterday. She’s not out of the running by any means.

I have no reason to dive head first into a relationship — unless Lisa Dergan comes knocking on my door, of course. Man, I miss Smush.

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