It’s amazing how reruns of old game shows can mirror current events.

Take reruns of The Hollywood Squares from the ’70s. One of the guests in the squares in tonight’s airing from Game Show Network was Robert Blake. Need I say more? Would it surprise me to hear of complaints being forwarded to GSN? No.

Though, consider this. While I was in Huntsville, I saw The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad! as the WB cable channel’s Saturday night movie. One of the cast members was OJ Simpson. Plus, according to the fan site, OJ was a civilian contestant — and a celebrity in the grid years later.

Then there’s this gem from an episode of Family Feud. A team of cast members from The Brady Bunch has just won a special all-TV-star episode and the right to play for $5000. A question and a response from the bonus game go something like this…

Richard Dawson: “(Name) something a priest wears.”

Christopher Knight: “Pants”

(insert laughter from the audience here)

Richard Dawson: “I think it’s mandatory.”

It is mandatory, Richard. Only one problem: the rule’s not enforced.

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