Looks Like We Made It

Yup, I made it to HuntsVegas!

I attribute my truck’s newfound health to Petro Automotive’s service department and my next door neighbor Jimmy, who happens to work on a pit crew of a local dirt track racer.

By the time the battery was replaced and a new hold was placed, it was time to scram.

Picked up Nan (grandmother) in Guin and we made the journey east to Huntsville. Actually, she and I spent Saturday night in Madison.

Sunday, acting on a hunch that a room might open up at the hotel Mom and Dad are staying at, we turned in our keys and went there. Sure enough, something opened up. Now, between Geof’s apartment and our temporary living quarters, we weren’t quite so spread out.

We all went to Geof’s church for the 8:30am service (hoped to stick around for the “Bread for the Journey” service…but to no avail). Then, brunch at O’Charley’s.

We all got to the Von Braun Center for the ceremony and… ugh… place was packed like sardines. There were still people *standing* throughout the ceremony. I felt for ’em.

I got to see some of Geof’s friends — Sean, Kat and PJ. Also got to talk to Geof’s roommate Todd as I temporarily kept Geof’s cell phone.

When it was all over, I was relieved to be out of VBC. Didn’t want to be a sardine much longer.

Tomorrow’s a travel day. Mom and Dad go back to Tennessee, I take Nan back to Guin and me back to South Mississippi.

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