Eh… Oh Well…

Gena had to cancel last night’s dinner date. One of her youngins had a baseball game.

Not to worry. We’ll stay in touch and try again. As stated before, I’m not searching for anything serious — just some laughs.

The only way I’d marry immediately is if Lisa Dergan knocked on my door.

(knock knock)

Umm…. do I get to eat my words now?

(Doug opens door)

Daggummit! A Jehovah’s witness.

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  1. Last time a JW stopped me, I had a good time with them.

    "Do you mind if I witness to you?"

    "Only if I can witness in response."


    "You see, I’m a United Methodist, and I’ve been called by God to ministry. It’s something you really should hear."

    "Uh, sir, maybe another time."

    "Oh, come on … you knocked on my door, so it’s obvious that you wanted to talk. Perhaps God led you here?"

    "We really gotta get going."

    "Okay. Godspeed."

    Almost as funny as our old pastor Mitchell’s story about JW’s knocking on the door at the parsonage … 🙂

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