Wal-Mart High

One of the feel good stories of 2002 around these parts involves the students of West Jones Middle School and West Jones High School.

Their spring break was extended due to a tornado March 15 that did significant damage to the buildings. Since this happened at a time when no one was in the building, everyone connected with the Jones County School District and the middle and high schools have been counting their blessings. I have family and friends in that part of the world and they also are thankful matters didn’t worsen.

Students returned to class yesterday at their temporary campus. Of all places, it’s the old Wal-Mart building in Laurel. For the record, Wal-Mart relocated to a new “super center” building down the street.

For the seniors, they have something to tell their grandchildren. For the administrators, they’re grateful to see students back in class.

For me, I’m left to wonder if a student has to stay home sick and returns the next day, does he or she have to present teachers with a doctor’s note or a receipt?

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