While We Were Gone

Sheesh! Been over a week since my last entry. Whatsupwitdat? Well, where do we start?

The singles’ conference kept me busy last weekend. Well attended conference, made a couple new friends and it provided some hope for my personal life.

It was about this time last month I was quite bitter. It was a few days after Feb. 14, four co-workers got something nice for Valentine’s Day and me — well, I had been 3 months removed from my most recent breakup with no sign of improvement (still about the same now 4 months after the fact).

Then, I heard about the singles’ conference from Kelly Thornton, who I talked and e-mailed with often when she was PR director for the city of Hattiesburg.

Part of me still fears I’ll never reach the wedding chapel. But (and I almost hate to say this), I learned a lot from others’ mistakes in the realm of marriage.

Oh, BTW, if you’re not married, a lady, live within the immediate Hattiesburg/Laurel area, let me know at doug@dougmorris.org. I’m not looking for anything serious. But, if you’re in the mood for sharing a few laughs, e-mail me.

Moving on. Days before the conference, I’ve had a headache off and on. Nothing severe. But, I’ve gone 7 straight days taking Advil. Hmmm, what’s the deal I wondered? A quick trip to the clinic last night confirmed what I suspected — sinus headache. One run to the pharmacy later and I’m starting to feel better.

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