Random Olympic Musings

From DougMorris.net’s InterNotes, some of my thoughts of the Winter Olympic games with one day of competition to go…

\The ghost of Dan Enright apparently had a front row seat at the figure skating venue.

\The USA women’s hockey team did us proud. They may have come up short for the gold — but they’ll be back. As for the men’s team, let’s get out there and put lots of biscuits in the basket.

\What’s the deal with curling? Brooms? Stones? A target? Seems more like full-contact janitorial work to me.

\Who would’ve thought the final lap of men’s short-track speed skating — where Apolo Ohno won silver — could resemble a NASCAR race at Darlington?

\And finally, some are lobbying the card game bridge as an Olympic sport. Sheesh, what’s next? Olympic blackjack? Olympic go-fish? Even Olympic 52-pick-up?

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