South Mississippi Expo-sure

Friday’s going to be a long day — but fun.

Tomorrow, I get out of work early to go to the annual Pine Belt Expo, a long-running annual local trade show, to run the WDAM booth.

After that, I take a page from Clark Kent’s book, change clothes and go to help run the Rock 104 booth.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time DAM’s had a booth at the Expo. Every year “the other TV station”, WHLT, has appeared at the Expo — even through its darkest years when the lights in their news department were out (was the case from ’95-’98; has been the case since 2000).

DAM secured booth space while I was on vacation. So, I take that as a sign HLT won’t be there this year.

But even if they’re there, HLT will probably just be looking for clients to sponsor CBS NFL coverage and the like. The only local programming they carry consists of Sunday services from a Hattiesburg church — and that’s about it.

Miss Circle and I have been keeping in touch since the end of the road show. We might do something tomorrow — but that depends on how awake I am after the Expo. There’s a good chance I’ll be there for the whole thing — 10am-4pm.

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