RockTrax’ 11th Year: This One’s For You, Cindy

In a year already filled with deep sadness, some good news.

It was 11 years ago on an Easter weekend that Rock 104’s RockTrax with Doug Morris had its maiden voyage on WXRR. The debut came after completing my move across the street from … some … other radio station.

In any event, the celebration will be rather quiet – as I’ve decided to dedicate the 11th year of RockTrax on Rock 104 in memory of Cindy.

Back in the late summer of 2002, when Cindy and I were tiptoeing along in very early “getting to know you” stages, she noted her allegiance wasn’t to Rock 104. It was to our country sister station, B95. Certainly, I had to give her style points for tuning into a station that’s within the company.

Over time, she would get to meet the people she’d heard all this time – especially at tailgating at Southern Miss. Further, that B95 allegiance would be altered on Sundays on account of little ol’ me. Cindy would note “my favorite DJ” is on the air. Most of us in the biz prefer the term “air personality” or “radio show host” — but who am I to argue with my number one fan?

With this plan disclosed, a gentle challenge to the powers that be at William Carey University. Go ahead and named one of the new dormitory buildings being constructed in Cindy’s honor.

With newfound personal and professional responsibility, my visits to the campus have been few and far between since Cindy’s untimely passing. (I was there this past Thursday just long enough to take care of some insurance paperwork.) But I’ve heard through the grapevine many students want this request fulfilled as well.

One of those students is Megan Harvey, who had great things to say about Cindy. Megan’s kind opinions were published in two articles of the latest issue of The Cobbler, WCU’s student newspaper. Megan, if you’re reading this, I was touched by your remarks about Cindy. Thank you.

Aside from my obvious bias, this is a no-brainer. Cindy was the first full-time housing director at then-known William Carey College. Her hiring was just part of the growth process at Carey – growth that continues today. Cindy would often stay in touch with students who lived on-campus – even after graduation. I should know – wedding invitations from Carey graduates came this direction during the 19 months Cindy and I were married.

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  1. May God Bless you with many more years of great deeds in the ….. Hattiesburg and the surrounding area,.Your show has brought me many of Sundays filled with peace and joy..Thank you..Your friend Deborah..May god continue to bless you as you have blesses many..

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