Monthly Archives: September 2002

Dodged A Bullet

Lots of rain and, thankfully, minimal damage after Isidore comes and goes.

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Batten Down The Hatches

We’re going to see some side effects from Isidore. Looks like the storm will make its presence known over the next several days. So, with professional responsibility in broadcasting increasing, Doug’s Place will be closed ’til further notice.

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Hardly Anything Went Right Yesterday

Southern Miss lost to the Criminal Tide, Ole Miss won (of course, it’s against Vandy) and State’s still trying to cope with Thursday’s loss against Auburn.

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Radio Days: Act IV

The gang at Blakeney Communications world headquarters is writing a new chapter in its history with the acquisition of its fourth station.

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Doug Dissects…

…the debut of Pyramid. If the show hasn’t aired in your city as yet — or if you haven’t had a chance to watch through the miracle of video tape — please refrain from further reading. There are some spoilers … Continue reading

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Please Stand By

The last few days have been hectic — between my work in TV (new set and 9/11 anniversary coverage), hosting Saturday’s benefit concert and such.

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Thoughts On What’s New

Finally, our new set debuts.

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